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Khairi Said

Graphic Designer

Brochure & Flyers Specialist


2020/2/11 - 2018/7/4

Prime Jet - Printing

Graphic Designer

....20 - 2020


Graphic Designer Untill Now 
Independent Worker

About Me


I was born in Riyadh
Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the past, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was known by the name of Hajar and the title of “the city of gardens and orchards”

2018 – 2010

After graduating from high school and after entering university and studying the thing that my father loved, which is engineering, And after 5 months of studying, I learned that this is not my passion and not the thing that makes me happy, and it is time to go back, but this time to study the thing I love which is design, So I went out From university I started taking graphic design courses and started designing. I was very happy and very creative. I learned that my passion is design and I have enjoyed designing, since that time I have been in the world of graphic design.


One year of learning was enough to create a good experience that qualifies me to move to a better level. I was able to meet the challenges by challenging people who studied design at university and graduated from it, I started designing products and making brochures for some stores and small shops, and I started to gain a reputation in the state I lived in, and whoever wanted design came to me, then I learned that experience and mastery Creativity is the key. I moved to Somalia to look for new challenges and opportunities. I started working in a printing press called Prime Jet for two years, but left it because of my mother’s death, and since then I’ve been a freelancer and make money from it.




Secondary Certificate
High School Science Department


Salaam Center - Training & Research

Inspiration & Arts Certificate


Photoshop 99%
Illustrator 92%
InDesign 85%
Marketing 70%